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Living in Spain has many advantages, but sometimes I miss things from The Netherlands, especially specific shops or cosmetic brands that are not available in Spain. Every time I’m in The Netherlands, I make sure to visit Sissy Boy, Dille & Kamille, and, of course, HEMA at least once. But if it’s been a while since my last visit, I also have my mom send me a whole box of goodies from The Netherlands. And that box? It arrived last week, yay!


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The main reason I had some things delivered to my parents it that I can’t find any nice Christmas ornaments in Spain. Everything here looks so traditional, so I ordered some beautiful ones from the Sissy Boy and Anna & Nina online shops, which all had to go into the box to Spain. I love embroidered ornaments; there’s so much work that goes into making them! As I wrote in this post, I will eventually start embroidering again; how hard can it be?!

In the Anna & Nina webshop, I couldn’t resist the golden and glass candleholder with golden stars. They look beautiful next to the ones I already had, especially with all kinds of different colored candles in them… Love it!

Another thing I couldn’t resist, was this cute glass teapot from Sissy Boy. I had been looking for a teapot for quite a while, since I usually find them very ugly. This one is very practical because it has an extra glass (with holes) on the inside, where you can put loose tea. Currently, on the advice of my acupuncturist, I mainly drink tea made from dried rose petals, which she says is very good for stress. Wether it really works I don’t know, but I do feel kinda relaxed lately, haha!



Regarding bathroom products, I can’t do without the fantastic, natural deodorants from Loveli! This Dutch brand was founded by Linda, who refused to continue applying chemical ingredients and aluminium to her skin. The deodorants come in different scents, but I mainly use The Power of Zen. It’s very fresh and not too overpowering. This time, I also ordered two lip balms in the colors Raspberry and Plum. The second one seems quite dark, but you don’t see much of it after applying it really. I can’t say exactly what the difference is between the two, but they give a nice gloss and are entirely natural, so I definitely recommend them!

Another two things I can’t do without is Elmex Sensitive toothpaste and my favorite, fragrance-free Louis Widmer day cream with SPF20. I always apply SPF to my face, but if I’m not sitting in the sun, I find SPF20 sufficient.

Also Marloes de Vries‘ book had been on my wishlist for a while. The title (translated to English) ‘Having Kids is Optional’ is, of course, tailored to me, as I don’t have a desire for children. I haven’t started reading it yet, but that will happen soon.

Also in the package: a bottle of gingerbread spices (not in the photo) because I miss those in Spain too, and some socks from Sissy Boy. I can be brief about those: size 36-38 is WAY too big for someone with a size 37. They fir very loosely and were already torn at the transition between the different colors when they arrived. Not recommended.

As for the rest, this’ll keep me satisfied for a while…

What couldn’t you live without if you were to move abroad?

Love, Leonie

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