Bladiebla #3: My Christmas branch, movie nights and LOTS of food

As soon as the temperatures start to drop (which obviously they do here in Valencia as well, although a bit later), I feel like locking myself up in my room under a blanket, doing nothing else but watching movies or reading books. For years, I’ve been saying that I want to watch the last two Harry Potter movies, but it never happened. In early December, I decided it was time, which resulted in a complete marathon (sometimes with sushi, god I love sushi). I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of the Harry Potter movies; I’d do it all over again!

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Christmas in Valencia

It’s still a bit strange to see such a sunny city full of palm trees in a Christmas atmosphere. it just doesn’t quite fit, that combination of palm trees and Christmas trees. Nevertheless, Christmas is taken very seriously here, and the entire city is decorated with lights, reindeer, life-sized ornaments, and much more. And secretly, I love it!



Year-round terrace life

Another thing I can’t get used ti (and that’s a good thing!) is that you can really sit outside on a terrace all year round. Many Spaniards don’t even consider sitting inside, even when it’s a bit colder or when it’s raining. (thanks to big, waterproof umbrellas!) Fortunately, you hardly see heavy rain here, so I often enjoy the sun while having the tastiest breakfasts, sandwiches, or tapas, sometimes even several times a day. I recently read my New Years resolutions for 2023, where I mentioned wanting to lose 5 kilos this year. HAHAHA, still cracks me up.



Movie nights and Christmas deco

I have one friend with whom I often plan a movie night when we both have a free evening. We open a bottle of wine, get all kinds of delicious snacks (again with the snacks, I spot a pattern), and settle on the couch in our pj’s with a fun movie. We watched Holidate. It’s predictable, overly sweet, and therefor perfect for the holidays!

I actually don’t have enough space for a Christmas tree, but this year I found a creative solution. I scored a large branch, put in in a vase that I wrapped with brown paper, and hung all my new ornaments in it. I love how it turned out, do you?

On that exact same day, my sister texted me asking when I was coming back to The Netherlands. I hadn’t planned to celebrate Christmas with my family due to the expensive plane tickets, but somehow I felt like checking the Ryanair website one last time. Suddenly, I found an incredibly cheap ticket for the next day. To make a long story short: I got to enjoy my Christmas branch for no more than 20 hours and had dinner with my parents the next day. Typical me.




It might have something to do with those New Year’s resolutions that I unrolled my yoga mat again (the one in my bedroom in The Netherlands, so be precise). I regularly do yoga and walk a lot, but I can’t say it does anything for my muscle mass. And then I stumbled upon calisthenics, something I had truly never heard of before. I must have lived under a rock, but apparently, it’s quite trendy! If I understand correctly, calisthenics involves exercises using your body weight. So, no dumbbells or equipment is needed. This sounded good!

Since then, I’ve been exercising several times a week with the videos of Lucy Lismore or Summer Fun Fitness on Youtube. And I have to admit: it’s quite fun! Let’s see how long I can keep this up… Had you heard of calisthenics before, or am I the only one who had no clue this was a thing?

All in all, it was another nice month full of little moments of happiness, except when my mirror shattered (see photo at the top), but they say shards bring luck, right? For now, I’m immersing myself in another week of rain in The Netherlands, before I fly back to the sunny South, because I already miss it!

Love, Leonie


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