Things that no longer matter


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Throughout my entire life, I’ve been someone who tends to worry rather than live carelessly. Wether my fears were justified or not, I didn’t know any better than to constantly worry about potential dangers, big and small. It’s no surprise that I struggled with social anxiety for quite a while, experiencing numerous panic attacks when I had to take the train or be around people in other ways. But when I naturally overcame that phase (it honestly felt like it just happened on its own), the insecurities lingered.

The past few years, however, I felt this changing so much for the better. I learned to look at the world in a completely different way, to observe rather than react. As humans, we often form judgments so quickly, but the more harshly we judge others, the more we do this to ourselves.

Here and now

I learned to breathe differently, to live in the moment and to create some distance. Distance from other people’s opinions, discussions, the media, politics, and everything we’re supposed to do or believe. Where I used to frequently comment on news articles or discussions on Facebook back in the day, I couldn’t care less about these things now. I simply don’t feel the need to tell others what I think. Agree to disagree.

And the more I learned to zoom out, the more I saw myself as a tiny dot on that vast globe, that looks so tiny from space, the less relevant my fears became. The less it mattered what people thought of me, how much money I earned, how many followers I had, or wether my outfit followed the latest fashion. All of these now fall into the category of ‘things that no longer matter.’


It’s funny to see that the less attention I pay to things that are irrelevant to me, the more connection I feel with things and people that I do find important. As if my attention is less divided. In essence, my world has become much smaller, but much more comfortable. And I feel happier. And that list of things that no longer matter to me? It keeps getting longer…


– that my skin isn’t perfect
– that I don’t own a house (anymore) at the age of 37
– that sometimes I only get 15 likes on an Instagram post
– that my blog doesn’t have thousands of followers
– that I still haven’t been anywhere outside of Europe
– that there are always people who do things better, smarter, or faster than me
– that I no longer wear a size 34 and don’t look the same as when I was 25
– what other people think of me
– (almost) everything that is on the news or printed in the newspaper
– expensive cars, designer clothes, a widescreen TV, etc…
– people who can’t empathize with others
– anything that feels fake or staged (including many ‘influencers’)
– ………


What can you add to this list?

Love, Leonie

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