Why I could never be a minimalist

Why I could never be a minimalist

Trying to be a minimalist

When the term minimalism started gaining popularity a few years ago, I was very much intrigued. I loved the idea of being a minimalist. Of living in a home with only the necessary furniture, without an excess of decoration and accessories that cause nothing but overwhelm anyways, and simply only buying things I really needed.

Multiple times I’ve tried to become a minimalist by keeping the styling in my home as minimalistic as possible. Oh, how proud I felt every time I put all that ‘mess’ behind doors, not needing it anymore. Good for me, I thought.

Everyone that knows me a bit knows that it would never take more than a week for me to dig up all the picture frames, candles and other decoration again. I simply missed it all too much. And honestly, I would feel silly about it every time. Cause why on earth did I need all those items? I truly believed that being a minimalist was the way to go and that this would make me a better, happier and moreover, balanced person. Now, many years later, I couldn’t disagree more.

A cosy home is a decorated home

It’s so cool to see that there are people that don’t really get attached to things, but I am happy to admit that I do. Not to an unhealthy extend though, but still, I love all my stuff and could therefor never be a true minimalist. However, almost everything I own has been carefully selected and I really struggle to throw anything away. All these items not only make my home a personal, but also a super cosy and intimate space. And honestly it’s that personal touch that I really miss in so called minimalistic interiors. What I’m trying to say is: if this is simply not your style, does this mean you’re automatically not a minimalist?


A sneak peek of my not so minimalistic wardrobe

Being a minimalist as a way of life

I find it such a shame that minimalism for many is linked to white, empty spaces without any personality. Honestly, I see it much more as a way of life, although I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist (yet). However, I do my best to only buy things I really love and that I know I will use for years. This is one of the reasons I hate Christmas or birthday gifts, no matter who bought them. It’s usually something I don’t need and that I would not have bought myself. Really, what’s the use in that?


A not so minimalistic corner of my homeEven when shopping for clothes I’ve made quite the changes over the past few years. I only buy something if it fits me like a glove, if I know exactly how to combine it with my existing wardrobe and if I know I will wear it for a very long time. At least 25% of my clothes is second hand and I have many items that I’ve been wearing for more than 5 years. For me, shopping this consciously resulted in a very personal wardrobe and always having something to wear.

Having said that, I’m not afraid to admit that I will never be a true minimalist. I love colors too much, pretty materials, fancy designs, patterns, variety… I love all the things that turn my house into a home, all the cool, unique and creative stuff that screams: Leonie lives here. This may not be a very minimalistic approach if you believe the experts, but so be it.

With love, Leonie.

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