Letter K alphabet postcard



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Alphabet postcard with the letter K in yellow ochre, red and lila on a light grey background. My alphabet postcards consist of 36 letters with a colorful and Scandinavian look. The 10 most used letters are available in 2 color ways so you can combine them more creatively… ┬áThe alphabet cards are digitally printed on sturdy paper that has the fsc-label, and always wrapped using zero plastic and only eco friendly materials, which is very important to me.

This letter K card is perfect for birthdays (for kids as well as adults!) and other celebrations, but also makes the prettiest garland when combined with the other alphabet cards. Hang it as decoration on the wall, on a door or in front of a window so you can see them from the outside.


  • Letter K
  • 350 gsm, matte paper
  • Produced eco friendly
  • Easy to combine with the other alphabet postcards
  • Designed and produced in the Netherlands