Graphic postcards wholesale

My series of illustrated postcards feels like the base of the rest of my collection cards and prints. Since all of it started with my postcards wholesale, they still feel really special to me. I’ve created all of the prints through my love for graphic design and the desire to make people smile. I really believe that true happiness lies within the simple things, in finding beauty in the ordinary, while surrounding yourself with positivity. With this vision in mind, I created this minimalistic, yet colorful collection of illustrated cards with a Scandinavian look and feel. Hopefully they will all put a smile on your face…

Eco friendly postcards wholesale

I find it very important not to bother the environment with my designs. Therefor all of my cards and posters are produced in an eco friendly way, using paper with the fsc-label. Besides that, I only use packing materials made out of paper or compostable ‘plastic’ made of cornstarch. Working this way really adds to the feelgood character of my designs, and I couldn’t imagine doing it any differently. So if you’re looking for someone that offers eco friendly posters and postcards wholesale you should drop me an email. I’ll send you all the information you need to place a wholesale order. They are designed in and shipped from the Netherlands, but available worldwide.

Greeting cards with an envelope

If instead of postcards, you prefer folded cards with an envelope, you should check out my greeting cards wholesale. They have a very similar look, but are double in size because they are folded, so there’s way more space for you to write a personal message. On top of that they all come with a brown kraft envelope, and my illustrated postcards don’t. Both of them are available with several texts and designs, and for sale at my Etsy shop.

Webshop with postcards and prints

If you’re a consumer and would like to order my cards online, you can do so in my online shop. There you’ll find my entire collection of postcards, greeting cards, posters and envelopes. My online shop is an easy and safe way to order my postcards online. I pack all of my orders within 1-3 days, just so you’ll receive them as quickly as possible. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I do! 🙂

Postcard collection by Leonie van der Laan, graphic and Scandinavian postcards
Set of striped postcards in 10 color ways