Custom made birth card for Bas Arjen

Custom made birth card for little baby Bas Arjen, who was born on the 27 of October 2020. His parents wanted something more modern and stylish than the usual, overly sweet birth cards, so they contacted me for a custom birth card design. Bas’ parents are big fans of all the cards I make, and gave me a few examples of cards that they liked from my collection, which I used to design this one. I gave them multiple color options and this yellow ochre one with dark green, soft pink and brown was their favorite.

I myself am also quite in love with this custom made birth card, and would love to make more! I’m thinking of creating multiple birth card designs to offer in my shop, that you can order up front and when the baby is born I will change the name, weight, date, etc. If, however, you prefer a custom design for a birth card that’s also fine!

If you would like me to design a custom made card for your baby or maybe an invitation for a party or other occasion, drop me an e-mail at and I’ll tell you all about the options!