Future Leonie

Future dreamsIf you would have asked me 20 years ago what my life would look like in the future, I would have probably answered something like: I live in a big house in a nice suburb with a cute husband and some kids, I have a good job, lots of friends and everything under control. (especially being in control was kind of a thing for me…)

Future dreams

Now, twenty years later, that dream looks completely different. Because future Leonie, if you ask me, lives in the middle of nature with her lover, without kids obviously. She owns a cute house with lots of windows (mortgage free) and a huge kitchen where she can prepare tasty dinners for friends, family or other guests. Guests that can all stay over in the cosy yurts that she has built on her own piece of land. With mountain view of course. (Sea view is also allowed.)

The older I get, the more I realize that a standard life doesn’t suit me. For a long time I though it did, but that was because I simply wasn’t aware of the fact that there were other options and that it’s okay to be different. Not only that, but that it’s totally fine to dream of a huge vegetable garden where I can walk around barefoot all year round, instead of a three thousand inch tv (no idea how big those things are), 30 pairs of shoes and a fancy car. I no longer care about those things. They mean nothing to me.

The ultimate freedom

What really makes me happy is freedom, in the most extensive way. Waking up from the sound of the birds and quietly making myself a cup of tea with the smell of homemade bread coming from the oven. Working from home, whenever I want, but also to be able to travel when I feel like it. Having eggs from my own chicken and making soup from the courgettes I harvested myself that day. (I once had a courgette plant in the garden of a previous home, and even though the plant itself was a monster, it was my favorite, cause WOW I grew my own courgettes.)

And so my desktop background shows a moodboard (vision board) of yurts, mountains, colorful ivies and wooden kitchens, that reminds me every day of my dream. I might share it here, not sure yet (would it bring bad luck if I do so?). One thing’s for sure: some day I will own that little dream house in the Spanish mountains, including yurts, vegetable garden and bright pink ivy. Just the way future Leonie likes it.

With love, Leonie.



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