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Want to order a poster? Read this first!

I recently decided to no longer have posters in stock, but offer them in my Etsy shop based on printing on demand. This means the designs will get printed (and shipped) after you place your order. Good news, cause from now on you can order every poster in multiple sizes, and I can offer a (way!) bigger variety of designs. This also means that in my current online shop you can only order a poster of the previous collection, that I still have in stock.

Cards and posters online shop separated

Since I’m working with an external company (Printful) to print and send my posters, you can no longer order my cards and posters together, since they are shipped from two different locations. No worries however, cause my online shop for cards is here to stay, and will also expand a lot! It’s a changes I’ve been wanting to make for quite a while, since I want to expand my collection of posters (a lot!) but don’t have the space for it.

Lots of new illustrations and abstract posters!

I’m currently adding more and more designs to my collection posters on Etsy, trust me: they are super cool and I’m so excited about them! I work on a lot of graphic illustrations, but also on quote posters, and soon you can also order an abstract poster in several sizes. (A lot of my designs will be available as XL poster!). So are you looking for some original wall art? Have a look at my Etsy shop!