Bladiebla #1: Necklaces, thrifting and eating less meat

Because I truly wouldn’t have the energy to maintain weekly updates on a regular basis, I figured I would do it differently! From now on you can expect the occasional blog in the category #bladiebla, in which you get a glimpse into my life and my everyday thoughts. Not that I ever really do anything exciting…


Making necklaces

It was somewhere in June when I decided to start a jewelry label, and enthusiastically began designing. I impulsively ordered a large pile of beads, stringing materials, and clasps from various suppliers and got to work with great determination. And then, summer arrived. It got hot, really hot, and most days, I was already happy when I was able to finish my paid work. The necklaces found themselves in a pile in the corner of my desk, patiently waiting for the next wave of inspiration. It did come, but it turns out that buying materials from China involves more hassle than I thought.

For weeks, I tried to communicate with Spanish customs to release a package. No one could explain how and to whom I should pay the clearance fees and which forms to fill out. Another package didn’t even arrive. The tracking showed it had been delivered a long time ago, but not to me. I didn’t know the ID number of the person who received it, so I’m still waiting for a refund. You could say it didn’t really go the way I planned…

I kept telling myself that I could start selling the necklaces I’d already finished if I at least had the packaging. So, I continued to email the manufacturer, who was unavailable for a few weeks due to vacation. And then, I gave up. Or at least temporarily. It just wasn’t going to happen this summer.

So, what did I do this summer?

The heading above implies that I did a lot this summer, but that’s not entirely true. I worked fewer hours for a change, spent a lot of time in the kitchen, and was either at the beach or lying in bed with the fan on high for most of the time. What can I say? July and August are only enjoyable in Valencia if you have air conditioning.

And what do you do when it’s literally too hot to do anything? In my case, I watch series, movies, and documentaries. I rewatched all episodes of Sex and the City, started Pretty Little Liars, searched for new YouTube channels with healthy recipes, and, as always, ended up in the vegetarian corner. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve just never been a fan of meat and am very sensitive to stories or images of how the meat industry operates. It’s heartbreaking, really.

So, I stocked up on chickpeas, beans, lentils, and veggie burgers, and now I feel like a much better person.


Second hand finds in a thrift shop

Secondhand Finds

Back in the Netherlands, I always enjoyed going to thrift stores and often stumbled upon real gems. Here in Valencia, it’s even easier to go thrift shopping! There are plenty of vintage shops (which are not as cheap as thrift stores but not as expensive as the ones in the Netherlands), but I also discovered a charity shop just around the corner. It’s the kind of shop where people donate their old or unused clothing, and you can buy it for a few euros.

I bought this amazing long skirt with flower print (and pockets!!) and an oversized blue blouse, which I think I would have bought even if it were from Mango. You know what I mean. Do you often go thrift shopping, or do you prefer to buy everything new?


So, that’s it for the first #bladiebla. I hope your expectations weren’t set too high, that you enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing you at the next one. Ciao!

With love, Leonie.

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