Hi! I’m Leonie, a graphic designer and wannabe writer with a love for design, fashion, vintage and sustainability. Or, in other words: A daydreamy introvert that loves to draw. In the beginning of 2019 I started my own label of paper goods b designing several postcards and alphabet cards. This collection was the start of something really cool, an endless way of expressing and exploring my creativity.

Love for abstract shapes

My hand drawn shapes are almost always the base for my designs. If you look closely, you’ll see that almost no line is completely straight, cause it’s all done by hand. I love abstract shapes and the many compositions you can make of them, the possibilities are endless. Add to that a pop of color and there you have my beloved Scandinavian look: Colorful yet minimalistic, modern but still very playful.


I really believe happiness lies in the little things. Everything you pay attention to grows, and it’s all a matter of focus. Cause if you live with a positive mindset, you’ll find beauty in the ordinary.

This vision really is the idea behind my designs. So on one hand they feel very simplistic and plain, but on the other hand they are dreamy, cheerful and above all very positive. And positivity is what we all need a little more of, don’t we? With my designs I hope to make people smile and add a pop of joy to the simple, yet wonderfully beautiful daily life…

With love,