20 Random facts about me

Before I fill my blog with everything I have in mind I first want to introduce myself more properly. And since my love for creating lists (see nr. 1) I though of a ‘random facts about me’-post. No endless chatting, just a big pile of useless facts, maybe recognizable, maybe not. Let me know!

  1. I love making lists.
  2. In winter I always wear two thin pairs of socks together, instead of one thick pair.
  3. I rarely drink anything else than water or tea.
  4. The best investment I ever did for my business was buying an iPad Pro.
  5. I always thought I could only draw simple, graphic shapes, but when I forced myself to draw other things I succeeded surprisingly well. Except when drawing faces. Never gonna happen.
  6. Social media can make me pretty insecure from time to time.
  7. I can’t live without my iPhone and I know how sad that sounds…
  8. I’m the eldest of three kids, I have a ‘little’ sister and brother.
  9. My brother was born on my third birthday, so we’ve always shared that day, very cool!
  10. I speak Dutch, English, Spanish and a bit German and French.
  11. I try to go outside for a 30 minute walk every day. The fresh air clears my head and gives me energy.
  12. My favorite food is taco’s, which I find hard to make vegetarian. Any tips?
  13. When I’m old I envision myself in a cute cottage with lots of windows and a huge vegetable garden.
  14. In 2019 I’ve lived in Valencia (Spain) for a few months, which was simply amazing!
  15. 90% of my furniture is second hand. I love thrift shops and have collected quite a lot of cool vintage items over the years.
  16. I’m quite the introvert, which to be clear does niet mean I’m shy. In fact I’m very social and can come across very extravert, but I’m easily overwhelmed and need a lot of me-time.
  17. I can’t imagine having an actual job. The freedom I get from being an entrepreneur is priceless.
  18. I’d rather go hiking in the mountains than on a fancy city trip. Nature always wins.
  19. I’m a giant perfectionist, which I’m trying to lower to a more acceptable level.
  20. My biggest dream is to travel the world while making money designing and writing.

With love, Leonie.

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